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Equality news round-up: the Supreme Court could still hear a marriage case this term, and more

It's time for marriage equality. Attribution: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Stories on marriage at the Supreme Court, anti-transgender discrimination, and more.


195 Comments October 15, 2014

North Carolina updates (including new ruling!), and more

Another judge strikes down North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban.


111 Comments October 14, 2014

Ninth Circuit updates

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is busy this week.


148 Comments October 14, 2014

READ IT HERE: Texas’ reply brief in Fifth Circuit marriage equality case

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

State’s reply brief filed in Texas case.


124 Comments October 13, 2014

Who Has Marriage, Who Doesn’t, & What’s Next

By Matt BaumeOver the last week, states have been winning the freedom to marry at such a fast pace that it's hard to keep up. AFER has conclusively won its marriage case. Cases in four other states have ended in victory. The Ninth Circuit has expanded marriage in sev ...


56 Comments October 13, 2014

Some hearings and decisions expected in marriage equality cases this week

More hearings and rulings for marriage equality expected.


61 Comments October 13, 2014

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