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READ IT HERE: Final brief in Bishop v. Smith, Oklahoma marriage equality case in Tenth Circuit

Final brief filed in Oklahoma marriage equality case.


17 Comments April 7, 2014

Tenth Circuit allows more argument time in Utah same-sex marriage case

Tenth Circuit allows a full hour of argument in Utah marriage equality case.


38 Comments April 7, 2014

Major Marriage Equality Court Dates Over the Next Few Weeks

By Matt BaumeAnti-gay groups are getting desperate, with one candidate for governor comparing marriage equality to murder. An Alabama scheme to slip a marriage ban into the US Constitution is moving forward but is pretty much guaranteed to fail. A judge in Ohio rules ...


13 Comments April 7, 2014

BREAKING: Supreme Court declines to hear Elane Photography case

The Supreme Court has declined to review a challenge to New Mexico’s public accommodations law brought by a photography business who refused service to a same-sex couple.


73 Comments April 7, 2014

Michigan officials ask full Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals panel to hear marriage equality case

Michigan state seal

Michigan officials want all Sixth Circuit judges to hear same-sex marriage case.


68 Comments April 4, 2014

BREAKING: Federal judge anticipates striking down Ohio’s ban on recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages

Ohio state seal

Federal judge will require Ohio officials to recognize same-sex marriages performed outside of the state.


26 Comments April 4, 2014

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