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Same-sex couple’s marriage will be recognized by state of Indiana

Indiana state seal

Judge orders Indiana to recognize one couple’s same-sex marriage. One spouse is terminally-ill.


34 Comments April 11, 2014

READ IT HERE: Third brief in Bostic v. Schaefer, the challenge to Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban in the Fourth Circuit

Fourth Circuit map

State Registrar Janet Rainey files her brief in Bostic v. Schaefer.


37 Comments April 11, 2014

A Lengthy Review of the Utah Oral Argument

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

Scottie wrote a great point by point review of the argument. I won't get to every point, but I will try to dig in a little bit. Let's get to it... By this time, if you are reading this particular website, you know the basic facts. But,  it is worth restating here. The f ...


29 Comments April 10, 2014

Tenth Circuit hears arguments in challenge to Utah’s same-sex marriage ban

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

Analysis of today’s argument in Kitchen v. Herbert


30 Comments April 10, 2014

A Quick Roundup of #10thCircuit Hearing with Audio

Utah Plaintiffs

As I process the the audio that was just posted on the court's website today (short link here:, there are a few quick resources that you may grab your interest. Please feel free to add any favorite helpful links for this case in the comments. ...


66 Comments April 10, 2014

Sixth Circuit asks Michigan same-sex couple to respond to state’s request for initial en banc hearing

Michigan state seal

A response is due by April 21.


146 Comments April 8, 2014

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