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Three-judge panel announced in Seventh Circuit cases challenging Wisconsin, Indiana same-sex marriage bans

Democratic-leaning panel will hear two same-sex marriage cases this morning.


80 Comments August 26, 2014

Judge Slams Indiana’s Anti-Gay Governor

By Matt BaumeThe anti-gay Governor of Indiana just got caught making some wild claims in court, and now a judge has called him out in a sternly-worded ruling. Marriage equality has picked up another victory, with the first federal judge to rule in Florida. There's a new ...


56 Comments August 25, 2014

Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk Schaefer asks Supreme Court to hear Virginia same-sex marriage case

The U.S. Supreme Court. Attribution: Jeff Kubina

A new petition in the Virginia marriage equality case.


50 Comments August 22, 2014

Arguments and Conclusions: A Look at the Supreme Court’s Candidates for Marriage Equality Rulings


In-depth look at Supreme Court filings.


28 Comments August 22, 2014

Notice of appeal filed in Indiana same-sex marriage case

New Indiana case heads to Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.


22 Comments August 22, 2014

Tenth Circuit stays same-sex marriages in Colorado

Colorado state seal

Another day, another stay.


24 Comments August 21, 2014

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