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Florida judge strikes down state’s same-sex marriage ban

32nd win in a row for marriage equality in the courts.

Continue Leave a Comment July 25, 2014

Colorado appeals court declines to halt Boulder clerk’s issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples

The decision is another blow to the ban.

Continue 101 Comments July 25, 2014

READ IT HERE: Opening brief in Seventh Circuit Wisconsin marriage equality appeal

The opening brief in the Wisconsin marriage appeal has been filed.

Continue 78 Comments July 24, 2014

Details on the LGBT contractor executive order

A historic week in LGBT equality.

Continue 60 Comments July 23, 2014

EqualityOnTrial at the White House for signing of historic LGBT non-discrimination order

EqualityOnTrial attended the historic signing.

Continue 40 Comments July 22, 2014

Florida judge strikes down marriage equality ban, ruling applies to one county only

Big news out of Florida today, where a state judge overturned the state’s constitutional ban on marriage equality.

Continue 351 Comments July 17, 2014

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