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Filed under: Marriage equality

Equality news round-up: South Carolina asks Fourth Circuit for a stay, and more

News from Montana, South Carolina, and more.

Continue 11 Comments November 14, 2014

Equality news round-up: new rulings from Oklahoma’s supreme court, Michigan, and more, on non-marriage issues

News from Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, and more.

Continue 190 Comments November 13, 2014

Supreme Court denies stay in Kansas marriage case

Marriages can take place in Kansas.

Continue 228 Comments November 12, 2014

South Carolina same-sex marriage ban struck down

South Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban has been invalidated.

Continue 169 Comments November 12, 2014

READ IT HERE: Plaintiffs’ opposition to stay, filed in Supreme Court, in Kansas marriage case

Opposition brief filed in Supreme Court; a decision could be made at any time.

Continue 39 Comments November 11, 2014

READ IT HERE: Idaho plaintiffs’ opposition to rehearing with 11-judge Ninth Circuit panel

Sane-sex couples in Idaho oppose rehearing in the Ninth Circuit.

Continue 31 Comments November 11, 2014

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