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Filed under: Marriage equality

Tenth Circuit hears arguments in challenge to Utah’s same-sex marriage ban

Analysis of today’s argument in Kitchen v. Herbert

Continue 30 Comments April 10, 2014

Sixth Circuit asks Michigan same-sex couple to respond to state’s request for initial en banc hearing

A response is due by April 21.

Continue 148 Comments April 8, 2014

READ IT HERE: Final brief in Bishop v. Smith, Oklahoma marriage equality case in Tenth Circuit

Final brief filed in Oklahoma marriage equality case.

Continue 17 Comments April 7, 2014

Tenth Circuit allows more argument time in Utah same-sex marriage case

Tenth Circuit allows a full hour of argument in Utah marriage equality case.

Continue 38 Comments April 7, 2014

BREAKING: Supreme Court declines to hear Elane Photography case

The Supreme Court has declined to review a challenge to New Mexico’s public accommodations law brought by a photography business who refused service to a same-sex couple.

Continue 73 Comments April 7, 2014

Michigan officials ask full Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals panel to hear marriage equality case

Michigan officials want all Sixth Circuit judges to hear same-sex marriage case.

Continue 68 Comments April 4, 2014

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