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Filed under: Marriage equality

EqualityOnTrial at the White House for signing of historic LGBT non-discrimination order

EqualityOnTrial attended the historic signing.

Continue 5 Comments July 22, 2014

Florida judge strikes down marriage equality ban, ruling applies to one county only

Big news out of Florida today, where a state judge overturned the state’s constitutional ban on marriage equality.

Continue 344 Comments July 17, 2014

Seventh Circuit cancels oral arguments, Utah asks SCOTUS for stay

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals cancels oral arguments in the Indiana and Wisconsin cases, Utah files emergency stay with Supreme Court.

Continue 102 Comments July 17, 2014

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals sets oral arguments in Indiana and Wisconsin same-sex marriage cases for August 13

August will be a busy month for marriage equality.

Continue 60 Comments July 14, 2014

Department of Justice will file brief in support of marriage equality if Supreme Court hears case

Justice Department to weigh in on same-sex marriage bans at Supreme Court.

Continue 11 Comments July 14, 2014

Help us get to Cincinnati to cover the Sixth Circuit marriage equality hearings!

Want EqualityOnTrial to be on the frontlines in the fight for legal equality? You can help us.

Continue 72 Comments July 14, 2014

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