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Filed under: Marriage equality

Tenth Circuit stays same-sex marriages in Colorado

Another day, another stay.

Continue 6 Comments August 21, 2014

Federal judge issues order barring state from enforcing Florida same-sex marriage ban

Florida same-sex marriage ban struck down, ruling stayed.

Continue 37 Comments August 21, 2014

Ninth Circuit wants parties in Nevada marriage case to address legal standing issues

Ninth Circuit wants arguments on standing in Nevada case.

Continue 19 Comments August 21, 2014

Supreme Court prevents same-sex marriages in Virginia from starting tomorrow

Supreme Court issues stay in Virginia same-sex marriage case, preventing same-sex couples from being able to marry tomorrow.

Continue 174 Comments August 20, 2014

District court strikes down Indiana same-sex marriage ban in new ruling

Another win for marriage equality

Continue 85 Comments August 19, 2014

Ninth Circuit: Idaho marriage case to proceed with three-judge panel

Initial en banc review has been denied.

Continue 102 Comments August 19, 2014

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