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Filed under: Marriage equality

Developing story: Louisiana judge rules that state’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional

A state judge in Louisiana has disagreed with a federal judge’s recent ruling upholding the ban.

Continue 30 Comments September 22, 2014

State officials in Louisiana ask Fifth Circuit to fast-track appeal and assign it to same panel as Texas marriage case

If granted, appeals from Louisiana and Texas would be heard by the same three-judge panel.

Continue 1 Comment September 22, 2014

Tenth Circuit puts Colorado marriage case on hold

Another case goes on hold.

Continue 66 Comments September 19, 2014

Equality news round-up: New Wisconsin lawsuit, and more

News from Wisconsin, West Virginia, and more.

Continue 58 Comments September 18, 2014

READ IT HERE: Wisconsin requests stay in marriage case at Seventh Circuit pending Supreme Court action

Wisconsin asks Seventh Circuit for a stay.

Continue 29 Comments September 17, 2014

State’s brief filed in marriage case in Arkansas Supreme Court

Challenge to Arkansas’ same-sex marriage ban heads to state supreme court.

Continue 74 Comments September 16, 2014

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