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Equality news round-up: ACLU to broaden same-sex marriage lawsuit, and more


News from Kansas, Arkansas, and more.


155 Comments November 21, 2014

5th Circuit to hear arguments in Texas, Louisiana marriage cases on January 9; Louisiana plaintiffs ask Supreme Court to take up case

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Fifth Circuit cases will be heard in early January. The plaintiffs in the Louisiana case have asked the Supreme Court to go ahead and review their case now.


69 Comments November 20, 2014

Ninth Circuit won’t hear Alaska marriage appeal with 11-judge panel

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Ninth Circuit won’t hear the Alaska marriage case en banc.


91 Comments November 20, 2014

BREAKING: Supreme Court declines to stop South Carolina same-sex marriages

The U.S. Supreme Court. Attribution: Jeff Kubina

South Carolina has marriage equality.


140 Comments November 20, 2014

BREAKING: Montana same-sex marriage ban struck down

Montana is the latest state with marriage equality.


122 Comments November 19, 2014

Equality news round-up: News on ENDA, and more

Capitol Hill

News from Mississippi, South Carolina, and more.


63 Comments November 19, 2014

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